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Antiqueology Estate Sales






What Separates Us From The Rest

We have been performing estate sales for over

29 years

That is Almost 3 Decades

    Dedicated In The Estate Sale Industry!

   No Other Estate Sale Company

In North Western Montana Can Boast That!

With this 29 years experience, we bring a huge following of shoppers and money! It also allows us to market and sell your items to the highest market buyer! Making you more money!



                              Antiqueology wants to let you in on the secret that other estate sale companies don't want you to know.  

Sadly, in today's estate sale field, there are companies that are unscrupulous.

Many companies will try to buy your house contents for one low price. 

That is a conflict of interest.

Antiqueology wants you to know, we are working for you.

We will never lead you astray.

We will always be honest and tell you what would be the best way to rehome your items.

Most estate sales being held, are not REAL TRUE estate sales.

They are a mixed grouping of estate sale items, antique dealers items, and the estate sale companies own items.

This is not how Antiqueology does its estate sales. 

We do not work with a gaggle of dealers. 

We do refuse to sell antique dealers items in our real estate sales! Antiqueology will never allow antique dealers unsold and unwanted items to be put into our estates sales.

We also guarantee that you will never find an item from Antiqueologies shop in our estate sales either!

 Only real personally owned items are in our sales.

That is how Antiqueologies estate sales are true estate sales, and it sets us apart from all other estate sale companies!   

    You would be surprised how many estate sale items are sold prior to the estate sale opening to the public.

Most sold to dealers and buddies of the estate sale company. 

This is also a big "no no" and a conflict of interest.

An item will sell at a higher price, generating moremoney for you the client, if allowed to be offered to the greater public. Antiqueology does not sell any items prior to estate sale.

There have been attempts to copy Antiqueologies estate sale methods but don't be fooled. 

You can copy our methods but, you can't copy our results!

    We have been giving copies of the real actual sales receipts for          over 29 years. This allows our clients to see what each item sold for as it walked out the door!

We represent you and only you. We just take a percentage of the sales. 


We are a hard working honest family owned and run business. We promise to represent you and only you.

                                    We conduct REAL estate sales.

        We sell real peoples treasures!  

         We represent you and only you.


         Let our family help your family.


                                                   Give us a call!



Please let me introduce myself my name is  Sashin Hume

  I am the owner and founder of
Shop & Estate Sales 

Antiqueology is a shop filled to the brim with treasures. We also hold estate sales.  I have been in the antique field for decades. I began when I was in my teenage years. From a shop owner, decorator, auctioneer, stager, to estate and tag sales, I have worked in every facet in this field.  I have a history of proven successful sales dating back over two decades. 


Antiqueology estate sales are known for being meticulously organized beautifully, decorated and all items priced! Our pricing methods are designed to make my clients the utmost money and still be assured that just about all items will sell. This ability has made our sales unequaled.  

We have held estate sales from Virginia to Montana from the smallest cottage at the University of Montana to the largest Log Cabin in the Bitterroot. If you have new or antique items, my crew and I will find a new home for them, with no effort on your part. Let us help you with this daunting process! Antiqueology efforts have resulted in individual estate sales totaling in the high five figures! From the beginning till the end we will with resolute and tenable ability take meticulous care of selling your beloved, inherited, or hard earned items. 




          Antiqueology will price, market, stage, and sell your items for you.

             All you have to do is sit back and let us do all the work for you!   


          We all collect or own different items in our home.

           I love the history and the research that each new estate sale brings.

         I can't wait to see what treasures you and your family have collected.



    We give free consultations 

    so there is nothing to lose


    but the stress and the worry...


     All you have to do is call ...




          Let us do the rest!


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