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Pre Estate Sale:

These are some reasons you may need our services:


  ~If you have just lost a family member or loved one


  ~If you have inherited a house full of items


  ~ If you have collected a house full


  ~If you are down sizing


  ~If you are moving and can't take it all with you


  ~If you just sold your home


  ~If you have one or more collections, and you would like to sell


  ~Any reason is a reason to give us a call 



Below is Our Estate Sale Process 
1. First thing......Do absolutely nothing!
Do not donate or throw anything away!
You will be throwing money out the window!
Donations are for after the sale.
2. Let's meet!
                                Call us 1-406-529-4425
                            We want to meet with you.
                                         It's FREE!
Once we come out to the property, we will be able to see the location, layout of the sale, and the items for sale. This is necessary in order to give accurate quotes and figures to you.
3. During the meeting, show us everything you have to sell.
We are very honest and direct.
We will give you estimates related to your location.
To give you a good idea of what your sale might realize, we may quote estimates for some of your items such as, age of item, prices, figures, as well as our percentage fee for performing the estate sale. 
4.We will put everything in writing and our percentage fee will not change. We will go over everything and there will be NO HIDDEN FEES OR SURPRISES.
We will leave you  with copies of everything. 
5. A signed contract will reserve your place in line to begin.
I cannot stress enough how fast the estate sale line up will fill up for each year!
However, there are some openings throughout the line up over the year.
They do fill up quickly!
Please call me now so you can get the dates you want! 
6. Next you need to take everything you and other family members want away from location of sale and leave the items to be sold.  
7.Walk away and let us handle the rest! 


Estate Sale Preparation: 
 1. First, we will make a home inventory. This will be made up of most household items, resale value of $10 or higher, time allowing!
2. No dumpster is needed! We will not throw half of everything
away like some other estate sale companies do before the sale, to
lighten their workload!
3. Pictures are taken of all items $20 and up. They will be posted on our website during the sale weekend, as well as a list of items for sale. We are known for our Wonderful Famous and Fabulous photos which bring in the big crowds of buyers!  
4. Our staff attempts to sort, clean, polish, display, prices every saleable piece of merchandise to be sold.
5. Security is very important to us! We have many display cases at
our disposal....any small valuable item will be separated and put
immediately into a case and locked up from day one till completion of the sale.
6.Pricing will only be done by industry specialist and no one else,
well versed with your specific market for the area in which the
estate sale shall be held. This insures the top monitary profits.
7.We will use our decades experience in design and decoration to set up and decorate the entire home. We always employ, the emphasis on staging and merchandising each and every item for sale with the specific purpose of looking its best for the shoppers.
8. Professional marketing of your sale will begin as soon as the
contract is signed. Some of our proven methods include:
Internet advertising (up to 8 different locations on the web with
regional calibration used), multiple print advertising, website
advertising with accurate descriptions of items and professional quality photography of all items for sale.
9. It is important to not have large gaps and spaces created by items that have been taken out of the home by family members. We will combine appropriate consignments if needed, to fill gaps from items taken by family members. This  does add to a sale and is a positive.  
We have many families that are unable to hold a sale in their 
home for various reasons. We do accept consignments, however they are rigidly controlled with fairness in mind to only add benefit to your sale.
We take pride in our firm stance on this matter. 
Combining the appropriate consignments; if needed to 
fill gaps from items taken by family members always creates a 
different and larger group of attending customers!
This translates into more sales for you!
I have seen this happen a million times!
We enjoy linking the perfect pieces to the perfect sale and getting
the perfect results..... MONEY FOR YOU! 
Unlike most other estate sale companies......
a.We guarrentee we are not affiliated nor do we work with antique dealers in the area. No dealers will ever be able to put anything in our sales! Our Estate Sales are the real thing! Personal items from real people! 


b. We will not back a huge moving truck up to your house and
dump it into your home! Yes, this happens ALL the time!
c.We will never duplicate or put in the same exact items.
        (no competition for selling items) 
10.To add even more buyers, we will provide email notifications
to buyers and customers who want and look forward to attending our sales.


During The Estate Sale:
1. No Items with drawn from sale after they have been posted on live site.  If you make the mistake of letting this happen, it will damage your sale outcome. It is dishonest and I will not participate in it. If I post something and advertise it as being at the estate sale, then it will be at the sale. This is why it is imperative to have all items not to be in sale, either removed or hidden out of sight from buyers upon signing of contract.
2. We always use a sign-in-sheet and hand out numbers for crowd control. We will only use this method if there is a crowd larger than 20 people at the opening time for sale.
3. Our goal is to sell as many of your items as possible; therefore, we will have full sale days. (Usually 9-10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thurs.-Sat. and 10-12 to 6 p.m. on Sun.) Unlike some estate sale companies that open at 11 a.m. and close at 2 p.m. (or have some other ridiculous hours) We want to be there at the sale selling for you, using every minute to sell the most we can for you!
We will hang up signs on doors with open and close times so there is no confusion about the hours or days of the sale. This goes up a few days prior to the sale. 
4. We do hang up "Do Not Enter" and "Not For Sale" signs on appropriate items as well as sealing up areas the shoppers should not be in.
There are a plethora of signs up about "If you break it you buy it".


5. We always have knowledgeable and friendly sales staff to assist buyers.  The staff is stationed throughout the home, some name tagged and some to blend in and catch the unsuspecting thief.
6. We use a secure one entrance and exit during the sale, with posted check point staff to discourage those who have alternate agendas. It works!
7. All small items of value shall be kept under glass display cabinets or behind the checkout table, until paid for.
8. A bid box will always be open during sale. A well as signs throughout the home to remind shoppers to put in bids. This helps make you more money.
9. Superior new beautiful signs and banners are used to canvas your surrounding area. Believe me, everyone will know there is an estate sale going on in the area. 
10. We accept all forms of payment during the sale. There really is no excuse to not buy at our estate sales!
                CALL US and LET US DO ALL THE WORK! 
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