Before the Estate or Tag Sale:
1. There will be no early sales to public!


2. We try to post advertisements up all over the internet. We use 8 plus or so methods.  Please understand it is impossible for us to answer all customers questions in the few weeks leading up to the sale. Please forgive us if we were not able to get back to you! We LOVE you - do not take it personally.


3. We will not give out any prices or location of item in house prior to sale. This would ruin the fun of opening morning. It would also give certain customers an unfair advantage. If you ask as you enter the sale, we will let you know where items are located! So you can make haste and grab the things you love!


4.We will have a sign up sheet on front door, the day before sale weekend. You are welcome to come and sign up to reserve your place in line. (this is only used if we have more than 20 people waiting at the opening of sale days)  

During Sale:


1.We will be handing out numbers the morning of each sale day (if needed over 20 waiting) They will only be used for crowd control.


2. Antiqueology has the right to refuse service or a sale to anyone and for any reason it deems necessary for any reason.


3. Antiqueology wants to make your buying experience a good one. For your convenience we have baskets located at sale for you to fill up with your treasures!


4. NO Large Bags or Purses Will Be Allowed


5. Antiqueology may and will ask for your receipt when you exit the home. Please do not be offended we are trying to curb theft! It may be random or every customer.


6. Antiqueology has the right to pick and choose the winning bids from the bid box. We are only paid a % of the sales so obviously we will be accepting the highest bids! If the winning bidder backs out then we will accept the next highest bid.




8. Antiqueology has the right to combine estates, receive & sell consignments. It is Antiqueologys' pledge to you that we will not receive or sell any items from dealers. All items will be personally owned property.


9. We accept all forms of payments: Cash, Good Check, Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Card

* Sometimes our credit card/debit card method does not work at certain locations! We will hold items if you need to get cash at ATM. We will always be saying a prayer, doing the hokey-pokey dance and keeping our fingers crossed that it works and we ask that you do the same!

 After Sale:


1. Please try to have all your purchased items out of house prior to 6 P.M. on Sun. If this is not possible before purchasing let us know so we may try to make arrangements for someone to meet you after sale.


2. At the end the estate sale the items that are left can usually be purchased for one price and you remove. If this is something you are interested in please talk to Sashin during the sale and get on the list to be notified.


3. Thanks for being our customer!

     We appreciate you!